Pathogen Load Indicator: Going Above & Beyond Other PCR Tests

There are numerous PCR products on the market which have been brought into the spotlight during the COVID-19 pandemic, but what makes one PCR test better than another? Integrity Laboratories’ genetics-based, laboratory-developed testing has been proven superior to competitive services, but Integrity Laboratories’ Pathogen Load Indicator™ providers healthcare providers with even more information, going above and beyond other available PCR products.

Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) Tests

RT-PCR tests are used to determine what pathogens are present in a biological sample.  These laboratory tests detect very small amounts of pathogens by amplifying viral, bacterial, or fungal RNA and are currently the most precise and accurate method of diagnosing infectious diseases.

Polymicrobial Infections

However, as early as 2004 polymicrobial infections have been identified with growing frequency complicating formerly straightforward diagnoses and treatment plans. If a RT-PCR test identifies multiple pathogens contributing to infection, how will the healthcare provider know how to treat that infection efficiently without the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics?

Most commonly-used RT-PCR tests can only tell providers whether a pathogen is present or not, with no additional information available about whether there is a dominant pathogen in the mix. This makes it more difficult to make the right diagnosis on how to best treat the infection, especially if antibiotic resistant markers are identified.

Pathogen Load Indicator™

Integrity Laboratories has developed a way to provide quantitative values for the pathogens present in biological samples using RT-PCR tests. If the RT-PCR test has identified multiple pathogens present, then Integrity Laboratories’ test report will include the Pathogen Load Indicator™ (or PLI™) which includes information about how much of each pathogen is present in an easy-to-read chart. This allows our partnered healthcare providers to immediately make the best possible treatment decisions for their patients, helping to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and improve patient outcomes.

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