Customer Care: The Patient Always Matters

One of the greatest misconceptions about the field of diagnostics is that as scientists, we care more about results than we do about customer and patient satisfaction. However, that’s certainly not the case at Integrity Laboratories.

Although it’s easy to imagine the field of science as cold and clinical, researchers and technicians alike are no less dedicated to our patients than the medical staff of your local doctor’s office or hospital. Behind the scenes in the lab, our scientists and technical staff work tirelessly to treat every sample that enters our doors with the respect and care each individual deserves. But it goes further than that.

At Integrity Laboratories, we also have a dedicated staff in our customer care department that works one-on-one with the clinical staff of our surrounding hospitals. Our goal was not just to provide rapid and precise diagnostic testing with new and improved laboratory technology – it was to also offer best-in-class customer service to each patient, physician, and everyone in between.

Waiting on your diagnostic results can be a difficult time, and medical testing is often stressful.

Whether you’re waiting on results or learning to navigate your outcome, our customer care staff is available to answer all your questions.

Furthermore, to ease the procedure and cut down processing time for your results, we’ve included an advanced translational system that works in collaboration with your doctors. By integrating directly with the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, we can ensure your results are sent quickly and with ease to your physician. No more waiting on hand-delivered or mailed-in results.

Moreover, our system is an electronic, bidirectional EMR portal that is tailored to your specific treatment protocol. That means each patient’s diagnostic results are comprehensive, precise, and immediately available to your doctor to help them get back to work doing what they do best: formulating the right path for your healing journey.

Our advanced technology, expert staff of technicians, and best-in-class customer care team work to reduce your stress in an otherwise stressful time. Our results are expertly generated to provide precision-level recommendations to your physician. Not only are you getting your results faster than ever, but they are generated to change the impact of antibiotic resistance.

With precision level bioinformatics, we help narrow down the ideal antibiotic protocol for a more focused treatment. That means dialing in your treatment protocol with specific targeted narrow-spectrum antibiotics. By reducing the reliance on broad-spectrum antibiotics, we are actively taking a stand against the prevalence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Just one more way we are supporting the integrity of the precision diagnostics industry.

Like any other business, we are just as dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. Your samples are run and integrated into the system within our 36-48 hour processing time. Additionally, we maintain an active team of customer care specialists to connect with any incoming calls and questions. Together, Integrity Laboratories issues improved treatment protocols and better communication between you, your physician, and your results.

We are one step closer to changing the paradigm of infectious disease treatment.

With better diagnostics – and a team who cares about every patient – Integrity Laboratories is committed to our role in transforming slow, reactive treatment to responsive, precision medicine.

Integrity Laboratories began testing for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) on March 23.

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