The True Worth of ‘Labor Day’ During COVID-19

This week we celebrated Labor Day; a special holiday devoted to recognizing those in the labor force.

With the challenges our economy has faced in current days, the workforce has never proven to be more important. From all career fields, Labor Day represents acknowledging how each individual contributes to the greater scheme. For those of us in the field of biotechnology or medical sciences, the COVID-19 pandemic has placed even more emphasis on the importance of our employees’ roles.

When Integrity Laboratories first started, we accepted the obstacles we would face to reduce the impact of infectious diseases. Our initiative was simple: innovate the basics and improve the current technology for laboratory testing. Making great strides in speed and accuracy, our team created an improved method that could help combat antibiotic resistance. Despite the various challenges start-ups face – Integrity Laboratories adapted and evolved into the facility we have today thanks to our team of technicians and customer care.

Because of the quality workers in our laboratory, we were able to quickly adapt to the growing pandemic pressures. Our employees are the foundation of our service. And with them, we felt absolutely confident of our resolve to answer the call to help the region.

Shortly after, we faced a new frontier as a leader in the COVID testing industry.

It was certainly no easy feat to be one of the first FDA approved COVID testing facilities in the nation. However, in the early days of the pandemic Integrity Laboratories was forced to extend working hours, prolong shifts, and quickly hire and train new teams. During this phase of rapid expansion, our employees went above and beyond to uphold the integrity of our testing facility. Our duty was to the thousands of patients whose tests passed through our doors each day. For each technician, their job wasn’t over until the last of the day’s batch was complete. And during this time, our leadership became humbled by their dedication.

As a leader, you are only as strong as your people – and our people are true Tennessee Volunteers.

Our team made sacrifices during unprecedented times to get the job done, and done right.

These days, changes in the way our world functions are highlighting where companies fail their people. By not acknowledging their roles, and the burdens they carry, these companies will fail to honor their employees. Over the last few months, we are finally seeing how much of our economy relies on the health and biotechnology workforce for support.

We hope that this week, taking a day to appreciate those sacrifices will resonate with leaders in these fields. Integrity Laboratories knows firsthand how essential our workforce has been to keeping operations running smoothly, giving patients answers, and keeping our community safe.

But our teams deserve more than just a single day. It’s our job as industry leaders to assure them every day that they are heard, and cared for.

And with a name like Integrity, we are completely devoted to upholding these principles.

Integrity Laboratories began testing for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) on March 23.

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