For Better or For Worse: Our Vow to our State and Region in Response to COVID-19

A Brave New World

Integrity Laboratories began January 2020 much like the rest of the world – full hope and momentum pulling us into an exciting new year with our antimicrobial solutions platform… then COVID-19 happened, and everything changed.

In truth, had you told us we would find ourselves in a leadership position to bring quality testing measures against a global pandemic – we would have been skeptical at best. And yet 2020 has proven to be far from what any of us ever expected. Rather, Integrity Laboratories was established just a few short years ago to be an answer to a different issue in the medical field: the growing issue of antibiotic resistance. We saw an opportunity to make a difference in the region to reduce the incidence of antibiotic over-prescription. Our goals were humble: let us bring advanced and innovative laboratory testing to Knoxville, TN, and offer improved speed and accuracy of infectious disease analysis to our local healthcare community.

The foundation of our leadership, team, and facility was established on these simple principles. In an effort to stay true to our core values, we hired the best team in the field, launched a highly sophisticated platform (known as Intercept PCR), and offered specialized testing for an extremely diverse list of pathogens. And as we gained a footing in our community as a trusted laboratory, we found ourselves uniquely situated to address a call for help during a great crisis: the threat of COVID-19.

At Integrity Laboratories, we believe that every provider and every patient deserves to have all the information they need to receive the care they so justly deserve – in record time.

And through the use of Intercept PCR, an advanced and trusted method of analyzing infectious disease, we’re demanding its time for a change. Consequently, we were perfectly prepared to answer the call of our great nation during the coronavirus pandemic. After early conversations with large-scale healthcare systems, we could see that we were well equipped to handle their needs. It became evident that our technologies would aid in curbing the spread of COVID-19 through high analytical sensitivity and same-day turnaround times. We knew it was our duty to shift our focus from what we were created to do to support the country in a time when we were needed most. And with the support of our innovative Intercept PCR analysis and our team, we were successful in applying early to qualify to be one of the nation’s first official COVID-19 testing facilities. Without the remarkable efforts of our team, it would not have been possible to become the fourth commercial laboratory in the United States to obtain Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA. So true to our name, Integrity Laboratories will do all we can to offer rapid and accurate testing to those in need while we continue to combat this national pandemic.

We are here to assure you that during this time our priorities are now solely focused on testing for SARS-CoV-2, also known as the COVID-19 epidemic. Offering advanced diagnostic reporting within 12-36 hours of receiving a sample, we’re now facing a humbling transformation within the walls of our organization. As we continue to face our responsibility to our great nation, we’re finding additional footing to be a platform to support those seeking information on COVID-19 trends and diagnostic patterns.

Over the past 100 days, we have been called upon by state governments, cities, counties, and healthcare providers in between to fill gaps in testing demand with best in class technology.

It is not just our duty, but the duty of all leaders in this field to step forward and find a way to help the nation adapt to these new times. Today, we are all celebrating our nation’s greatest day in history – Independence Day – and Integrity Laboratories is here to stand by you and do all we can for our country. At a time when our world is facing medical, economical, and cultural turmoil, we will remain dedicated and offer ourselves to be a platform for education and hope as we continue to face the ever-evolving circumstances of COVID-19. Join us as we build out our blog to provide helpful and relevant articles on a variety of COVID-19 related topics. We are here to give you insight into the trends we’re noticing and advice from specialists in the field from around the nation.

But first, join us as we celebrate July 4th and know that with each passing day we are all just a little more prepared to take on tomorrow – together.


Integrity Laboratories began testing for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) on March 23.

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